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Business success depends on the ability to make sound decisions in a risky, unreliable world. Intrinsic dm² can help small business owners and management make those decisions, based on information drawn from accurate data, and informed by extensive business knowledge and experience.

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Intrinsic dm2 will assist in these areas of business development:

  • Business license & permits
  • Set up accounting software system suitable to your business
  • Set up point of sales (POS) and inventory management systems
  • Determine loans or capital requirements
  • Forecast cash flow
  • Business financial plan
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Analysis of product and clients’ profitability and breakeven levels
  • Prepare budget and projections

Intrinsic dm² is instrumental in obtaining access to financial information and strengthening the balance sheet and cash flow. Our team adds considerable value to the small business sector by driving down costs and identifying opportunities for value and profitability. We will assist you in managing cash flow, plan for growth, assess risks, and keeping the books in order. We help you build a relationship with your money, and a great one at that!

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