How are our clients coping with the COVID-19 pandemic?

Check out a few creative ways they are keeping their business afloat!

The Possibilities are Endless.

Many small businesses in the Fox Valley area as well as across America are struggling to survive, stay afloat, temporarily lay off or furlough employees. These decisions are a tough and heart-wrenching decision for small business owners, mainly because small businesses often treated their employees as an extended family. Business owners developed and instilled opportunity, trust, support, and discipline into their employees. The size of the company allows each employee to be a vital team member to the success of a company.

Luckily, the newly passed Cares act provides a provision that allows businesses to take out loans to protect and secure payroll employees and, in some cases, can be converted to a grant.

With all the chaos around us, some of our clients compelled to seek other creative means and resources to prevail in such unthinkable financial reality.

See what Harvey's Tales has done!

“We closed our store to foot traffic on March 17th as concern for our employees and customers’ health and safety was growing. It was a tough decision as we wanted people to still have books and other diversions, but we felt the right decision. We quickly decided to implement curbside pick up and told customers to just call or email the store and we would process their requests and deliver their purchases to their car as they pulled up. We could only do that for a couple of days before the Shelter in Place order was enforced, and as a non-essential business, we had to stop the curbside delivery.

Once again we had to pivot! We don’t have an online presence for purchasing books and without the expertise to create one quickly, we ordered some shipping supplies, a postage meter and signed up for and decided we could ship out orders. Currently, we go to the store Monday thru Thursday from 10 to 1 and Chuck and I, along with one of our other employees (we asked two of our employees to help us on alternating days so there are no more than 3 people in the store at once), take the phone and email orders, process payment and prepare the books for shipping. We will also deliver some orders to Geneva, St Charles and Batavia for no cost and without contact – we leave it on the doorstep.

Even though we are deemed non-essential, we feel books and other diversions are essential during this time and we are happy we’ve been able to figure out a safe way to continue to provide those items!”

– Roxanne & Chuck Osborne of Harveys Tales

See what Pinot's Palette has done!

“Pinot’s Palette of St. Charles is helping support the community during this scary time in many different ways. We are offering virtual classes and self-guided take home kits to help provide creative outlets for relieving stress. Kits are pre-purchased online and then picked up at the studio on Friday afternoons (via non-contact curbside delivery).

Pinot’s Palette is supporting local charities with gift certificates for future classes that can be auctioned or raffled at virtual charitable fund raising events.

And, we are hoping to host a blood drive by partnering with the American Red Cross. Blood donations are at an all-time low due to blood drive events being canceled at business locations that are closed.

The American Red Cross is taking extra precautions to ensure all blood drives are safe for the donors and the staff working the event. We are in the early stages of the development of the blood drive and hope to be hosting it at the studio in July.

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