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The organizational help has been invaluable – but the savings she has found me has paid for more than half the cost of her services since I have been working with her. I HIGHLY recommend her personalized service without reservation!
Peter Blindt
Chicago Abstraction Studio
When it comes to handling my daily book keeping issues I literally rely 100% on Intrinsic dm². They also play a key role as the middle man between myself and my CPA. They speak the language I’m not familiar with and keep things fair for me. If it was not for their service, I’m not sure where I would be.
Chris Thompson
Dawn’s Edge Technology, LLC
Yvette has been my accounting rock for more than 4 years now and my business is thriving because of it. I literally mail off my receipts once a month and she takes care of the rest! I am no longer scared of the IRS, opening my bank account to look inside or making decisions about my business!
Marie Hale Ramos
Lipstic Logic


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