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Jaffe Architectural Group is a leading edge specialist in custom residential architecture. The Chicago-based firm’s designs combine the clean, spare lines of Modernism with the grace, proportion and scale typically associated with classical architecture. The design philosophy of the firm is a reflection of its founder and owner, Lisa Jaffe, who draws upon her vast collective expertise gleaned from observation, travel and a stellar academic career to render homes that best suit the lifestyles of their owners.

Jaffe Architectural Group believes that the design process is a true collaboration. From conceptualization to finished product, the client is directly involved in each phase of planning. The result is a spectacular home that truly is an extension of the owner.Lisa has achieved prominence in the Chicagoland residential architectural scene. Her work has been featured numerous times—most notably, in Dream Homes Chicago (showcasing Chicago’s Finest Architects), Chicago Magazine, Trends Magazine, Northshore Magazine, Chicago Home and the Franklin Report. Lisa is expanding the perspectives of her firm to give new homeowners and young, growing families the benefit of her vast expertise. She seeks to strike a harmonic blend of the “boutique” elements in her home designs to those more in line with affordable, mainstream and, ultimately, green choices.Specialties:

● Custom Residential Architecture
● Custom Home Renovations & Remodeling
● Spatial Conceptualization & Schematic Design
● Construction Administration
● Project Management
● Interior Design
● GREEN Design
● Communication Skills
● Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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