Say Hello to a More User-Friendly Quickbooks

Quickbooks has released a series of updates with a goal of becoming more user-friendly. Scroll through the list of Quickbooks programs below to see which updates may influence the way you use Quickbooks.

Quickbooks Online:

  • Contractor W-9 tracker

Under Expenses or Payroll, you can view a list of Contractors and their W-9s. W-9 statuses will show as ready, missing, or requested, with options for you to send reminders to your contractors to upload their W-9s. This tab also allows you to pay your contractor from the same place that you can view their W-9.

  • Painless transition from Desktop Payments

Quickbooks customers who are moving from Desktop Payments to Online Payments will now be assured a seamless transition process with automatic activation of their account. The goal is to remove the step-by-step process needed to activate your online Payments account, and decrease calls to Customer Care. All account settings, preferences, and pricing will transfer from the old Desktop account- the only thing that will change is your merchant ID. Until you officially close the Desktop account, you will be able to process payments from both Desktop and Online.

Quickbooks Online Advanced:

  • Export reports as pdfs

This widely-requested update will now allow you to export a report from Custom Report Builder in PDF format.

  • Visualized workflows/added multiconditional approvals

This update makes workflow both more realistic to use and more easily visualizable. The developers added multiconditional approvals to allow you to send invoices to multiple people depending on the conditions you designate. You are also able to visualize in flow-chart format exactly how your workflow will operate.

Quickbooks Online Payroll:

  • Employee document management

Payroll now lets you organize all your HR documents for your employees in one easily accessible place together within their individual profiles. Once you’ve selected an employee, simply select Documents and then choose Add Documents.

  • File Form 943

Agricultural businesses are now able to file their 943s directly within Quickbooks Payroll by changing the payroll settings. The 943 designation will then also show up under Federal Taxes.

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Source: Quickbooks Online Team. “What’s New in Quickbooks Online: May 2023.” Quickbooks Blog. Accessed May 17, 2023.

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