Stick to Your Holiday Budget

Holiday Budgeting and Spending….

Depending on which source you choose to get the numbers, the average American shopper is estimated to spend anywhere  between $737 and $1000 in that vague, ambiguous category we label as “holiday spending” for the 2014 season.

While there’s no easy solution to the budgeting process for the holiday season, there are some steps we can follow in order to keep that spending in line.  Much of this should happen WELL in advance of that first shopping trip.

Tips to ease the budgeting, and sticking to it, process

#1 – Prepare: Determine what you can afford to spend.

#2 – Review: Look over your finances, and determine how much you can afford to spend on holiday-related purchases. Set this figure as your overall holiday spending limit.

#3 – Limit: Set a spending limit for each area of holiday spending.

#4 – Evaluate: Tweak your budget to cover any instances of overspending.


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