Holiday and Everyday Savings!

Whether it is saving once a week at the grocery store or to finish up your holiday shopping on a budget, we want you to be prepared to challenge the system of mass consumerism!

#1. Make a list and check it twice!

To avoid the attraction of sparkly ad campaigns drawing you to impulse-buy, make a weekly list before you go to a store, and stick to it! Not only does this help reduce frivolous spending, but also could save you an extra shopping trip if you get what you need on the first visit!

#2. Page through the Sunday search engine

While clipping coupons might not be as lively as a hobby as it once was, that does not mean googling coupons can’t be! For event-themed savings, try Groupon and LivingSocial. They also have a referral program that offers you cash rewards if you refer a friend. If you abide by a DIY-lifestyle, stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann Fabrics have weekly online coupons that can be scanned by the cashier from your Smartphone.

#3. Smiling for discounts

Between restocking, organizing, and working long hours, many sales associates receive less than perfect gratitude for their hard work. By smiling and greeting sales associates, it is surprising how many money-saving tips you can acquire from them. Outdated merchandise, clearance locations, and return policies can all help you save money. For instance, at Bath & Body Works, the store policy allows you to exchange a bottle of lotion, even 1/10 full, if you are not completed satisfied!

#4. The Grocery Game

An amazing site that offers a free 4-week trial, called The Grocery Game, will help you save based on the stores you like to shop at. After 4 weeks, the price of the service is $10 every 8 weeks, but with average savings of 60-75% your total bill, it can be worth it. Enter in your zip code, and a list of businesses will appear ranging from CVS pharmacy to Whole Foods.

We hope that you reward yourself with the savings that can be paired with the spirit of giving! Want to see how we can improve your budgeting? Contact us for a free consultation at 630-514-4985!

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