I got a fever, and the Only Prescription is a Better Bookkeeper!

Are you experiencing bouts of faintness, specifically triggered by too much time spent on Quickbooks? Is your head simply not big enough for all the hats you’re donning within your company? Do you wish you knew when you could afford to take time off to go fly-fishing with little Johnny?

Many who experience these problems seek the help of shrinks to deal with the negative effects of being overwhelmed by disorganization, poor record keeping, and multitasking. Intrinsic dm2 is here to save you from your financial traumas, for a fraction of the cost of a therapist or an in-house bookkeeper!

Why don’t you outsource a professional bookkeeper?
-“I can’t afford one.”
-“I don’t want to give up control of my business.”
-“My wife/grandpa/son/neighbor does my bookkeeping already.”
-“I need someone in the office.”

These common misconceptions can be detrimental to a company’s success for the following reasons:

-You CAN afford to get the job done right, the first time. When we visit new clients, usually we find that they have spread themselves so thin and that they cannot channel their talents to their ultimate goal: making their customers happy. When you aren’t operating at your best, customer relations fail, and that is not why you are in the business. Reevaluate what your time is worth, and know that when you are attentive to your trade, your business will naturally thrive. Unfortunately, without the managing your books, the government and your employees can become agitated. That is where we come in: to remove the burden of the additional, but necessary financial bookkeeping!

-Outsourcing a bookkeeper doesn’t take away the control of your business, but gives you time to make money off the talents that you were born with! If anything, it gives you more time to manage other important parts of the business, as opposed to supervising an in-house employee. The only way you will grow your company is by staying in-tune with what your customers want, your employees want and what you want.

-Aside from the clients that were once do-it-yourselfers, we also have the clients that have had uncertified bookkeepers with an edition of Quickbooks try and sort out their finances. From wives to neighbors to people off Craigslist, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve also witnessed the aftermath of someone that was not quite as experienced as they claimed. Even if you hire someone that genuinely wants to help you, if they do not have the necessary training to do bookkeeping for a living, they most likely will not be able to assist you.

-You do not need someone visiting your business every day, once a week, once a month, once a quarter or even once a year. With current technology, an outsourced bookkeeper can manage your finances from a remote location with the same security as a bank. By outsourcing, you also alleviate yourself of the burden of paying someone benefits and a salary, and the in-house supervision required.

You need someone who is certified and has a complete understanding of GAAP, accrual, depreciation, tax law, and the entry management processes. Backed by the American Payroll Association, the American Association of Daily Money Managers, and the National Association of Certified QuickBooks Advisors, Intrinsicdm2 cannot wait to be your financial solution!

Now relax, take a deep breath and give us a call for a free consultation. Within minutes, you’ll realize the quality of work we can offer to make your work-day easiermore organized, and more productive.

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